Frequently Asked Questions: How is Zippy different and better then all other dispenser EASY TO USE: Zippy has a new mechanism called AutoTapeStart that starts the tape to advance out of the dispenser automatically as you start using it. This allows the tape to remain inside the dispenser after it's cut. It always starts reliably, without any frustration. SAFE & EFFORTLESS TO CUT Zippy does not use a sharpened blade to cut the tape, but rather a new cutting method called ZipTip that won't cut your hand, yet will cut the tape effortlessly. Who should get Zippy? Zippy was designed for your home and office. Today, more than ever, people are using packaging tape in the home and office. With millions of people moving in the US every year, people buying and selling on eCommerce, returning items bought on-line, storage, etc. a usable packing tape dispenser is needed in every home and office. Zippy is the only packaging tape dispenser that works really easily and safely. How do you use Zippy? Please refer to the instructions located inside the handle. Video instructions are also available on this website under Videos. Warranty TapeStar, Inc. warrants your Zippy purchase for 90 days to be free of defects. Contact us if you need to exchange your purchase and we'll email you simple instructions. Returns If you would like to return your on-line purchase made on our web site for any reason within 14 days, please contact us and we'll email you simple instructions.